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Industrial Fire Protection

Industrial Fire Protection Services Offered

Knox Fire Protection offers design-build systems to help protect industrial manufacturing processes from fire hazards. The industrial environment involves high-value real estate, significant assets, and various unique complexities. These facilities require specialized fire protection systems designed and installed by certified and experienced professionals.

With decades of experience, we can provide industrial fire services to a range of industries, including car manufacturing facilities, petroleum plants, lumber mills, warehouses, and more. These high-risk and high-value industrial settings demand a service provider with extensive knowledge of codes, an innovative design process, and superior installation expertise – and that’s Knox.

Design, Installation, and Service

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive suite of industrial fire protection services.

The Knox Fire Protection Advantage

Industrial Inspections

We can perform the required NFPA 25 fire inspections for industrial facilities.

New and Retrofit Systems

Knox provides design-build industrial fire protection systems for both new construction and retrofit projects. We specialize in delivering complete services to protect a wide range of high-risk assets and critical infrastructures in various settings.

The Process

Industrial fire protection requires acute attention to detail, industry knowledge, and technical expertise that can be catered to each facility’s unique requirements.

In general, the process for designing and installing an industrial fire protection system is as follows.
Trust your industrial fire protection to the experts. Reach out to Knox for a customized estimate today!